QLM Express NOT asking for Activation Key


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    Soraco Technologies (Edited )


        b) A Demo1.0.lw.xml file -  BUT WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS FILE

    -> You need to deploy this file in the same folder as your Excel sheet. 


     4.I am using a Test3 folder where I put:


           ALL the 4 dll & tlb files


           Plus the QLMLicenseWizard.exe file


           Plus my Excel Workbook


           Plus the Demo1.0.lw.xml file


    -> Correct


    5.My Excel Workbook has been modified with:


         The Workbook Module VBA- pasted from one of your articles


          The LicenseValidator.cls VBA


          The mscorlib.tlb and mscoree.tlb were registered in VBA Tools


          The QLMLicense.tlb ( located in the Test3 folder) was registered in VBA Tools


    -> Good.

    6.I have used Generate Tab for the Computer key and the Activation key (using Computer name)


          BUT they are NEVER called for when I open the Excel Workbook in folder Test3


    7.Does the LicenseValidator.cls VBA DO THE  LINKING of MY EXCEL WORKBOOK to the LicenseWizard.exe


        or IS ANOTHER modification required.


    8.Is there some additional modifications I do to LicenseValidator.cls for the Computer Name or To something else.


    > Looks like you might have forgotten to add the code that performs the license validation when your workbook opens. As per the guide, you must add a call to CheckLicense in the workbook's Workbook_Open method. Please refer to the guide, step 7. 




    1.Once I have a folder such as Test3 working for a Defined product can I simply send copies of this folder to new users


        (Can I exclude some of the files that are sent to the user)

    > Yes, you can send copies of this folder (zipped I assume) to your users. You must send all these files.


    2.Do the 4 dll & tlb files or the QLMLicenseWizard.exe files get modified when used or


      - Or are they ALWAYS THE SAME in any folder or for ANY Defined product


     > They are always the same


    3.If I copy the files in a working test3 folder to another folder - will it work in the new folder

     > Yes

    4.If I rename the folder paths to the test3 files - will it still work

     > Yes

    5.The Demo doesn't allow me to add another defined product - because I am using the Demo server

          - Can I add a Demo version2 using the Demo server - to keep testing a new Workbook- Once the first workbook is working

    > During the trial period, you are limited to using the Demo product.

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