Can I retrieve Product Properties at run time?



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    Soraco Technologies

    Hi Usama

    Product Properties are typically set when you create the Activation Key from the QLM Management Console.

    You can also set/get product properties programmatically.

    This article covers everything you need to know about Product Properties.




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    Usama (Edited )

    Thank you very much for your reply. Your article covered a considerable part of my question, but still have parts not covered:


    "I'm having a product and I need to enable some or all of its features based on license. How can I achieve that?  can I define the product multiple times and add properties to show the features it allows? can I read the product properties at run time? do you have any built features support my needs without workarounds."


    Thank you in advance for your help

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    Soraco Technologies

    You do not define the product multiple times. You define the product once.

    When you create a license from the QLM Management Console, you set the Product Properties.

    Setting Product Properties during license key creation

    To set product properties from the QLM Management Console:

    • Go to the Manage Keys tab.
    • Click Create Activation Key.
    • Go to the Product Properties tab.
    • Identify the property you want to set and click the Value field. The help text associated to the property is displayed in the Description section below.
    • Modify the value as needed.
    • Repeat the process for other properties.
    • Click Ok to create the Activation Key.
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