Usage Scenario for Offline Activation / Deactivation



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    If the computers are offline, there's not much that can be done besides removing the ability to deactivate a license in the QLM Self Help page.

    If the computers are online, the LicenseValidator class already handles this scenario by calling an API called IsIllegalComputer. If it detects a computer as illegal (meaning that the license is valid locally but on the server the same license is activated for another computer), it will automatically delete the keys on the system.

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    Karl Abson (Edited )

    Would setting the maximum number of offline days help with this problem? You cannot stop someone from blocking or turning off the internet connection. You could limit this problem though by setting the number of days that can pass before requiring a "check in".

    Setting to something like 20 or 30 days should be more than enough to catch a user out. If they do require more than that number of days they could do a manual check in with their phone through manual activation? This should discourage anyone who wants to play around and try to cheat by giving the code to friends. It would make it too much effort and too complicated to be worth doing. You could even set it to something small like 5 days offline. It would be easy to do a check in after 5 days and would not cause users an annoyance. It would stop people from cheating though, would not be worth it....

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    That's a good suggestion. Thank you for the input.

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