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    Soraco Technologies

    Hi Satheesh

    1. With QLM, when an order is placed, SWREG contacts the QLM web service which generates a unique activation key that is sent back to SWREG.

    2. Correct.

    3. From the QLM Management Console, you can extend the expiry date of a license. A client needs to reconnect to the server and re-activate his license to enable this extension. This can be fully automated.

    4. Activation can be done online and offline. For C++ application, we recommend that you simply use our standalone tool (QlmLicenseWizard.exe) to perform the online activation. Please refer to the C++ samples that we provide. Communication with the web service, etc. is done by the QLM License Wizard so you do not need to write a single line of code for that. All you need to do is to add code in your application to validate a license key when your application starts up. If the validation fails, you invoke the QLM License Wizard executable which takes care of activation.

    5. The user would need to type their existing key.


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    Satheesh Rodriguez

    Hi John,

    For our Requirement: Hope QLM Express is fine. What do you suggest.?
    In QLM Express online activation is possible right.? QLM Express support C++ right ?

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    Soraco Technologies

    QLM Express does not support online activation. You need QLM Pro.

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