Does QLM work with Xojo?



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    Soraco Technologies (Edited )

    We now officially support Xojo. For detailed instructions, read this article.


    Read the Official Announcement.

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    Soraco Technologies

    Hi Bruce

    We have not tested QLM with Xojo. However, I quickly checked the Xojo site and found out that QLM may work with Xojo on Windows.

    Our API is a .NET API and Xojo can interface with .NET as described here.

    If you are developing your application for other non-Windows operating systems, we do support iOS, Android and OS X but the integration with Xojo may need to be dependent on each platform.

    Which platforms are you targeting?


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    Bruce Postlethwaite

    Hi John - wow that was a fast response! Initially I'll just be targeting Windows, so it sounds as if I should be fine. Thanks!

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