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    Soraco Technologies (Edited )

    Hi JR


    QLM Express does not support a License Server.

    If you want to use a License Server, hosted by us or not, you will need QLM Pro or QLM Enterprise.


    A QLM Pro license gives you the right to install a License Server on your own server. If you would like us to host your License Server on our own server, then you need to purchase the License Server Hosting option.

    The benefits of using our hosted QLM License Server are:

    • Initial setup by us in less than 24 hours
    • Daily backup to a remote site
    • Daily replication to a Disaster Recovery Site
    • Maintenance and upgrades performed by us
    • Data recovery in case of data loss

    Facts and limits of our QLM License Server hosting service

    • The cost of the QLM License Server Hosting does not include your QLM Professional or Enterprise licenses.
    • The QLM License Server hosting service supports up to 100 new keys per day on a regular basis. If you expect to create more than 100 keys per day on a regular basis, please contact us.
    • Data is replicated once per day to a remote site.
    • In case of a disaster at the primary site, you can automatically configure your application to connect to the DR site but activity on the DR site is not automatically resynchronized with the primary site.
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    JR Lyon

    Hey thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That's exactly what I needed to know.

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