what is QlmLicense::ValidateLicenseOnServer(..) about?



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    Please check this article.


    If the computer is not connected to the internet, the behavior is defined by the MaxDaysOffline property.

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    that's great, thanks very much.


    I did notice that one of the parameters "errorCode" doesn't return anything indicating the connection was unsuccessful though if it failed to connect to the server, it still returns OK in this circumstance.

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    Thank you for reporting this issue. We reproduced it and will fix it in the next minor update scheduled for next week.

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    Hi John,


    According to the technical comment from the code generated by QLM management console automatically:


    // When ValidateLicenseOnServer is not able to contact the License Server:
    // If MaxDaysOffline is set to -1, ValidateLicenseOnServer will aways return true, connectionSuccessfull will be false.
    // If MaxDaysOffline is set to a specific value, say 5 days, ValidateLicenseOnServer will return true if no connection was establihed for <= 5 days
    // otherwise it will return false.



    Now, my problem is that I've set "MaxDaysOffline" to 10, then I launched my program with internet connection so the API call ValidateLicenseOnServer() accessed the server and validated my license, everything good. Then I unplugged the Ethernet cable, and the ValidateLicenseOnServer() always returns false and with an error code saying I've exceeded the maximum days allowed for offline (while the max days is set to 10!).


    Am I missing something here? Is "OfflinePeriodExceededAction" has anything to do with this?

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    ok further to my previous question, apprently 

    QlmLicense.ExceededOfflineDuration() always returns true with the error message saying it's exceeded the max days set as long as MaxDaysOffline is not -1.

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    I just tested this and ExceededOfflineDuration returned false as expected.

    Please provide detailed information about your test.

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