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    Soraco Technologies (Edited )

    Hi Tracy

    Solution 3 of the article you mentioned does not require generic keys.


    1. StoreKeys cannot be used in this context. You need to store the key yourself using standard APIs.

    2. ReadGlobalKey is a function in the sample located in the following folder:

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Quick License Manager\Samples\qlmpro\Windows\DotNet\C#\QlmControlSampleAutoActivation

    You will find this function in YourAppFrm.cs.



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    Tracy (Edited )

    What do you mean store the key using standard APIs? 

    That folder is for C# - are you saying I need to rewrite that function for VBA?

    So then do we need to create the key in QLM, export it, save it to a shared location, hardcode said location then use ReadGlobalKey somewhere in the code, instead of checking the QLM Server.

    *edit* ok, I think I'm beginning to understand - I had a terminology issue. Though, I am still confused by your reference to "standard" APIs... are you referring to something in QLM or just general coding.

    This is my current understanding: The activation key should be stored (manually to a network share - a text file or a database). The code first checks to see if the system already has an active license (not the same as the global activation key? terminology is a bit confusing); if none is found, then it reads the activation key and activates it, then storing the license for the system (locally).

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    Soraco Technologies

    By standard API, I meant Windows or VBA API, not QLM API.


    Your understanding is correct.

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