Do I need to send QLM License Wizard tool to my customer for Offline activation bound to PC HW ID's ?



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    We do not provide a tool to get a hardware id before the software is installed.

    If you need to get the hardware id before you install the software, you will need to create this tool.

    The QlmLicenseWizard.exe can be shipped to your customer for activation.

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    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Sorry, I do not yet really understand..

    How can I protect the license with bound to the hardware id's, if I cannot know this id's before?

    Sorry for the question again, but I reaaly would like to purchase the product but I cannot figure how exactly to

    protect my (VB6) desktop application..

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    The typical workflow for QLM Express is described here.

    If you do not want to ship your software before getting the hardware id, you could potentially ship the QLM License Wizard executable to get the customer's hardware id.

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