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    Soraco Technologies

    Is there a way to clear the Cache of the User Registration Page while in the License Wizard?

    > You can use the QlmDeleteKey.exe application to clear the cache.


    I initially made two fields as mandatory and entered the values and submitted. Later on, when I removed the mandatory fields (or even make just one field mandatory), the User Registration Page

    1)  By default, is displaying (Pre-Populating) the two values (in my case Full Name & Email).

    2) In case, I made only one field as mandatory, it still is expecting both the fields to be entered.

    > The Email is mandatory when registering a user.

    3) Also would like to know, if its possible for the user to just click on "Try" and without displaying the User Registration Page, the Trial Key is auto-generated (which happens after you click on Register)

    > Yes, its possible. Please check this article. You must be running v12.0.19133.3 or higher and you must set QlmUseTryButtonToCreateTrialKey to true.

    4) Is Email mandatory if we're using the Try Button to generate the Trial License? If yes, is there a way to bypass this?

    > If you display the user registration form, the email is mandatory. If you do not display it, it's not mandatory.

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