How to protect a Mac OS X application with QLM Enterprise




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    Scott Cytacki

    Looking at this code I don't see how to setup an OS X with trial license.
    Can you add more information about that?
    I was looking at this FAQ:
    But the Objective-C Framework doesn't provide a ValidateLicense method. It seems like all the Framework supports is downloading a license from the server.

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    John Michel

    Hi Scott

    The OS X code performs remote validation of a license, i.e. information is sent from the client to server; the server validates the license then sends back a digitally signed xml fragment with the results of the validation.

    The article you referred to (to ship a trial version of your product) does not apply to OS X. For OS X, you need to create a trial key from the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys, and provide this trial key to your customer.


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    Victor Ronchetti

    Has there been any development on this?  I'm Looking to embed a trial key on OS X.

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    John Michel

    This is by design and will not change for OS X. 

    You can however host the License Registration Form on your web site and have your potential customers request a trial key before they download. For more information, check this article.


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    Victor Ronchetti

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your response.  I have an OS X C++ application that I'd like to protect - how would you recommend integrating QLM?

    I'm thinking the Objective-C app may have to be run as a separate startup process but perhaps there is some better way of interfacing the API's from within a C++ app?


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