How to protect a Mac OS X application with QLM Enterprise




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    Scott Cytacki

    Looking at this code I don't see how to setup an OS X with trial license.
    Can you add more information about that?
    I was looking at this FAQ:
    But the Objective-C Framework doesn't provide a ValidateLicense method. It seems like all the Framework supports is downloading a license from the server.

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    Hi Scott

    The OS X code performs remote validation of a license, i.e. information is sent from the client to server; the server validates the license then sends back a digitally signed xml fragment with the results of the validation.

    The article you referred to (to ship a trial version of your product) does not apply to OS X. For OS X, you need to create a trial key from the QLM Management Console / Manage Keys, and provide this trial key to your customer.


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    Victor Ronchetti

    Has there been any development on this?  I'm Looking to embed a trial key on OS X.

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    This is by design and will not change for OS X. 

    You can however host the License Registration Form on your web site and have your potential customers request a trial key before they download. For more information, check this article.


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    Victor Ronchetti

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your response.  I have an OS X C++ application that I'd like to protect - how would you recommend integrating QLM?

    I'm thinking the Objective-C app may have to be run as a separate startup process but perhaps there is some better way of interfacing the API's from within a C++ app?


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